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Welcome to Tenmen Electrical and Air-Conditioning

Electricity powers everything around us; our personal devices, home appliances – even banking systems – run on it. This is why it can be catastrophic when your electrical systems at home malfunction. Problems with electricity can affect daily routines and even completely diminish productivity in any workplace.

Who We Are

Tenmen Electrical and Air-Conditioning provides top quality repair services. Our electrician on the Sunshine Coast team composed of highly skilled and trained professionals is always ready to serve you. They are ready to solve any electrical emergency, including:

Installing, maintaining and repairing oven stoves and cook-tops

Installing, maintaining and repairing hot water systems

Installing, maintaining and repairing ceiling fans and air conditioning units

Upgrading switchboards

Installing LED downlights

Emergency lighting services

Installing new wiring systems

Testing and tagging

Strata maintenance

Installing landscape lighting

Installing smoke alarm detectors

Giving advice on energy-efficient lighting solutions

And many more!


Why Choose Tenmen?

Tenmen Electrical and Air-Conditioning assures you that we have put each electrician on the Sunshine Coast under extreme training. Our employees have the customer’s best interest as their number one priority. We know how important technical skill is when it comes to repairs. However, we also ensure that our clients enjoy top-notch customer service when they’re getting serviced.

Our business only employs electrical repair professionals who have proper licensing. All employees must possess a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Technician. Since repair is technical, detail-oriented work, we want to make sure that we hire professionals who are qualified for the task.

Air-Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Tenmen also specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning units. We have a team of specialised electrical technicians. These professionals are licensed both for electrical work and air conditioning units. This is to ensure that they are experts in all areas of electrical systems within the unit. Furthermore, they are highly familiar with all major brands.

Energy Saving Advice

Our professionals can also advise you on the best way you can save power at home. We can give you valuable advice on what types of appliances to buy for your specific needs. We’re also knowledgeable in installing energy-saving alternatives for any space, regardless if it’s for domestic or commercial use. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few dollars on their electricity?

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Any structure that uses electricity must always have their electrical systems regularly checked and maintained. This ensures the safety of your circuits. It also alerts homeowners and business owners to possible problems with their electrical wirings. This helps prevent further damage, or worse, safety hazards.

Every electrician on the Sunshine Coast under our supervision is very competent in troubleshooting. They know where to look and what to look for during inspections. With years of training and expertise, they can easily assess, diagnose and repair your electrical systems! Each electrician on the Sunshine Coast provides the excellent service at reasonable prices.

For more information about electrical and air conditioning repairs, consult Tenmen Electrical and Air-Conditioning electrician on the Sunshine Coast today.