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Rest assured knowing that your home or business can rely on professional and high-quality data cabling and network infrastructure.

A reliable network is a must and Tenmen Electrical is committed to that.

Data cabling and network infrastructure are the core of your business communication systems and device connections. This is a vital component of your business and you want to make sure your network is well designed, structured and uses the best quality materials available.

Tenmen Electrical understands how crucial this is for any business and we are committed to providing high-quality services and efficient solutions to get your business a reliable network for smooth operations. You can trust us to provide you with prompt and professional service backed by years of experience in the industry.

Our Data & Network Cabling Services on the Sunshine Coast

We offer a wide range of services related to data cabling, network and communication system services:

  • Data cabling categories 5e and 6a
  • Computer networking
  • Fibre optic cabling
  • Telephone cabling & points
  • Coaxial cabling installation
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Intercom
  • Home offices
  • CCTV
  • Krone cabling
  • And much more…

If you can’t find the service you need on the list, don’t worry. Just contact us and we will assess your situation and provide you with the best solution to meet your needs. Also, if you need an emergency repair, contact us and we’ll make sure to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Our electricians have a system that allows them to tackle any problem in a quick and efficient manner, with minimum waiting time for you and your business.

We always endeavour to get the job done quickly, efficiently, safely, and with no hassle.

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Data Cabling and Communication Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Low voltage wiring is a network that runs separately from standard electrical wiring and is utilised to power a wide range of systems, in almost any type of buildings, such a telephone and Wi-Fi, computer networking, security and surveillance and so on.
Structured cabling refers to a low voltage network that follows standard procedures and regulations, creating a system that is efficient, organised, systematic, flexible and adaptable to changes and improvements of systems and technologies. Due to the high level of flexibility and effectiveness, structured cabling has become the standard in the data cabling industry.
Even though structured cabling is the standard nowadays, not all network cabling is structured. Networks can also use point-to-point cabling, which can be an option for systems with a small number of connections. However, this system offers very little flexibility for structure changes and expansion and for this reason, it is recommended only in very specific situations. For the majority of cases, structured cabling is the preferred approach.
The three main types of data cable are:- Coaxial cables, which are commonly used to distribute cable television signals; - Twisted pair cables, widely used to connect homes and businesses to a telephone company; - Optic-fiber cables, used on networks ​​that require high and consistent performance in terms of speed and bandwidth.
Cat5 and Cat6 are the most common categories of Twisted Pair cables. These cables are widely used, connecting homes and businesses to a telephone company and are the best option when a high-performance network is not necessary. Both Cat5e and Cat6a can handle speeds of up to 1000Mbps, but the main difference is within the bandwidth: the Cat6a can process more data at the same time, operating at a frequency of 250Mhz, when compared to Cat5e, which operates at 100Mhz. For this reason, Cat6a cables are on average 10-20% more expensive than the Cat5e.
Fibre-optic cables use light instead of electricity to carry data and are the most efficient in terms of speed and data transmission and are immune to electromagnetic interference and electrical noise. However, apart from the several benefits, the installation of fibre-optics cables is more complex and more expensive. For homes and small businesses, fibre-optic cables are overkilled, since the network requirements can be easily fulfilled by coaxial or twisted cables. Eventually, with the advance of technology, they will probably become the best option for most networks, but until then, the best cable for your situation is the one that will meet your network requirements and budget constraints.


What Our Customers Say

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I highly recommend this company

Anne Maree Craigie 26/10/2023

Tenmen Electrical have been accomodating, prompt, patient, considerate and friendly in their dealings with providing the services I required. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending they be considered for the fulfilment of required services they provide on the Sunshine Coast.

Gregory Wuth 20/10/2023

Excellent service. Sophie was brilliant organising everything for us. And Jai made the experience easy. Highly recommend this team.

Alana Banaghan 19/10/2023

The guys that came out to do an install for us were amazing. Super professional and friendly. We will definitly use again.

Mat Lynn 18/10/2023

Luke installed two AC units for us today and he did a very professional job. Due to our previous old AC setup it wasn't as straight forward as we thought it would be but Luke is a great problem solver and persevered until it was all done. I'm really impressed with the quality Tenmen provide and Sophie organised a good price for us. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sue Toms 13/10/2023

I had an air conditioner installed by Tenmen. The company was very easy to deal with. All communications were made promptly, clearly, and in a friendly manner. Jai, the young man who installed it was extremely friendly, helpful and hard working. I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Lyn Weller 11/10/2023

Tenmen Electrical have consistently delivered exceptional service and professionalism. We have called them in on a number of separate occasions, and all experiences have left us thoroughly impressed. During the installation of our air conditioning systems, the team exhibited a high level of expertise and meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process. What truly sets Tenmen Electrical apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service. On a separate occasion, we found ourselves in a predicament when our main power connection failed outside of regular working hours. Tenmen Electrical responded to our emergency call promptly and efficiently. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of our experience with Tenmen Electrical has been the exceptional staff they employ. Each member we have had the pleasure of dealing with embodies the values of friendliness, politeness, and helpfulness. Their dedication to ensuring a positive customer experience is evident in every interaction, leaving us confident that we are in the hands of true professionals.

Katie Chisholm 11/10/2023

2 guys arrived in 2 vans to fit 3 split system aircon units. Josh and Luke were to hold a normal conversation. They worked hard and were extremely professional.Sophie is a character. Easy to talk with and cheeky.3 great people we dealt with. 3 great Mitsubishi Heavy Industries units fitted well and running great.What a great experience from start to finish. Best service ever from a tradie organisation. Wow.See these guys and will not be sorry.

Greg Timmins 06/10/2023

Truly cannot fault the service provided by this team of professionals. No job is too big or small, they always bend over backwards to complete all jobs to 100% satisfaction and help provide options and find solutions to any queries. For almost a decade now we have been consistently using Tenmen for all of our business and personal needs, and to date there has not been a job that they couldn’t complete to the highest of standards, including offering follow up assistance where ever needed. They have never once missed a booking, are 100% transparent and fair with all of their charges and all team members are so respectful and polite in our home, taking care with furniture and belongings and always cleaning up after themselves. Jai, Elliott, the whole team are exceptional. Sophie in the office is the organisational Queen … massive thank you for once again saving the day today! 😇🙏🏻

George&Sandy Newman 03/10/2023
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