Solar Savings Calculator

Step 1: Select your energy daily usage

You can get this information from your past energy bills.

0 kWh 50 kWh

Step 2: Choose your solar panel orientation


Step 3: Choose the Solar System size you plan to install

If you are not sure which solar system is right for your home, check it out here.

3 kW 10 kW

Step 4: Percentage of solar comsumption

Estimate the percentage of solar energy you plan to consume. The amount left can be sold back to the grid.

0% 100%

Step 5: Feed-in Tariff

Each state and company offers a different rate. The minimum average feed-in tariff in QLD is 7.50 cents. 

0 c/kWh 25 c/kWh

Annual Comsumption

Annual Energy Expenses

Estimated Annual Solar Production

Estimated Annual Self-Consumption Savings*

Estimated ANNual Feed-in Savings*

Estimated total ANNual Savings*

* Based on an electricity rate of 25c/kWh.