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There’s a lot to consider when you are investing in solar power. How many panels do I need? How many watts? What happens on a cloudy day? You can’t have the power going out. We’d like to hear about your situation and find the right solar panels for your home.

Support clean and sustainable energy

Break free from the power companies

Increase the value of your home

Don’t stress, we are here to help.

We are Master Electricians with years of experience with solar panels, so we know the good once from the bad, Let us find the right solar panels by your home.

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Save money on your power bills

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And sell back to the grid.

If you generate extra power you have the option to sell it back to the grid for a profit. What a bonus!

What our customer’s say

“I would not hesitate to recommend Tenmen to anyone looking to install solar. Isaac was extremely helpful, professional and responded quickly to my calls. 10/10 service.”

— Stacey Cook.

“Very efficient company offering great advice and explanation about all matters pertaining to solar panels and their installation. Isaac was easy to understand and professional in his work. Go to Tenmen.”


Solar power is the best investment for your home.

Make an investment in your future by supporting clean, sustainable energy and increasing the value of your home. Take control of your power and try solar.