Sunshine Coast Electricity Plans and Solar Feed-in Tariffs

Compare the current deals from electricity providers in your area. Keep in mind that the best deal isn’t just about having the highest feed-in tariff.
For solar set up only, the best plan has high feed-in tariffs and low consumption rates and daily charges. For solar and battery, the sweet spot is often a time-of-use tariff with low off-peak and shoulder rates, as high peak rates can be mostly avoided with enough solar storage.
Electricity Plan Postcode
Available Plans For Postcode
Last updated: 1 July 2024
Residential Value Saver - Westpac24.8238.0034.555118.04See Details
Carbon Balance - Time of Use 5 Day29.8144.0940.088120.67See Details
Standing Offer (TOU + CL)27.3242.5238.658128.37See Details
HomeSaver - Time of Use 5 Day + CL23.2236.1432.858109.12See Details
Ampol Energy Powering On TOU19.6933.9930.905119.35See Details
CovaU Basics Residential TOU25.2540.9137.195.5142.78See Details
Freedom Residential TOU + CL127.2544.1840.165.5123.20See Details
Residential Market27.3343.9339.94589.25See Details
Residential Standing (Default Market Offer)28.8144.9040.825102.20See Details
Online Member25.5039.5035.91~8.3589.00See Details
Online Member26.5033.0030.00~8.3588.00See Details
TEP - ToU 23 + Powerwall Credit30.0045.5041.365145.00See Details
Online Member - Local Rewards26.5033.0030.00~8.3588.00See Details
Online Member - Local Rewards25.5039.5035.91~8.3593.00See Details
Online Member - Local Rewards26.5033.0030.00~8.3588.00See Details
ULTRASAVE Residential (Flexible Rate)-Energex32.7851.0446.403129.80See Details
ULTRASAVE Residential (Flexible Rate Energy)-Energex31.3548.4044.003129.80See Details
SOLARPLUS Residential (Flexible Rate Energy)-Energex35.7552.8048.00~7133.10See Details
BOOST Residential (Flexible Rate Energy)-Energex28.1644.0040.003126.50See Details
SOLARPLUS Residential (Flexible Energy CTL)-Energex35.7552.8048.00~7133.10See Details
Nothing Fancy Electricity22.1138.5035.004.5145.75See Details
Nothing Fancy Electricity25.0841.2537.504.5157.52See Details
Origin Essentials Variable25.0444.1740.155139.52See Details
Origin Advantage Variable - Electricity Wizard22.5339.7536.145125.57See Details
Origin Advantage Variable ePlus - One Big Switch22.2839.3135.735124.18See Details
Origin Solar Boost25.0444.1740.15~7.5139.52See Details
Origin Solar Boost25.0444.1740.15~7.5139.52See Details
Origin Advantage Variable - My Connect22.5339.7536.145125.58See Details
The Basic EV Plan30.4946.7842.525117.81See Details
The Basic Free 3 Plan28.3044.4740.423117.81See Details
Living Energy Solar Saver (Demand: 3900,3700)27.4527.4524.958115.41See Details
Living Energy Saver (Demand: 3900,3700)26.7126.7124.28197.30See Details
Living Energy Solar Saver (TOU Interval: 6900)25.6939.1435.588120.67See Details
Standing Offer (TOU Interval: 6900)26.2739.8336.215153.73See Details
Red Wildlife Saver25.6939.9536.328120.67See Details
Sumo Switch Residential TOU (Tariff 6900)25.3037.4034.00297.90See Details