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Website Terms and Conditions of Use:

It is a condition of access or use of Tenmen Electricals’ website (hereafter referred to as ‘website’) that it is agreed and understood that all content, code, and intellectual property is copyright and protected to the full extent of the law. Commercial use of any information or content, including terms and conditions, images, or other, is expressly prohibited.

All acts, actions, comments, conduct, and consequences for those acts remain the sole responsibility of each website user. It is a condition of use that users of this website indemnify Tenmen Electrical or their subsidiaries from all loss, damage, offence and/or reliance on this content. We retain the right to alter, amend, or make changes to the content at any time, with notice being the existence of such changes.

Website users and customers agree to comply with these terms of use, and any special warnings or instructions for access or use posted on this website from time to time. Users agree to act in accordance with the law, custom, and in good faith. You may not make any changes or alterations to our website, or any content or services that may appear on our website and may not impair in any way the integrity or operation of our website. All prices are in Australian Dollars, include GST, and are subject to change without notice.

Comprehensive Terms and Conditions may appear on Tenmen Electricals’ website. The Terms and Conditions that feature on Tenmen Electricals’ website serve and apply to all future dealings between parties as notice of any amendments to the Terms and Conditions.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Tenmen Electrical values our Customers; respecting your consumer guarantees and rights, those of fair trade, and good business practice. All work is guaranteed to comply with Queensland’s Electrical Safety Act (2002), the Electrical Safety Regulation (2013), Work Health and Safety Act 2011, and Australia’s standards and statutory consumer guarantees.

We, Tenmen Electrical (Lic No: 77983) are the CONTRACTOR (i.e., “we”, “our”, or “us”); You, are the CUSTOMER (i.e., “you”, “yours”, or the “client”); Suppliers are those (third party suppliers/providers) who supply us with goods, materials, or other services. Customers engage with us to perform services and supply goods and materials at a price in accordance with our terms and conditions. All reference to Customer includes all Customers unless a group of Customers are otherwise specified. 

  1. All changes to our terms and conditions, policies, practices, and website have immediate effect
  2. In receiving a billing notice (i.e., Quote, Estimate, Tax Invoice, Invoice, or other) it is confirmed that you have read, understood, and agreed-to all Terms and Conditions of Tenmen Electrical. Including those expressed, intended, implied, and or otherwise published – and accept the full responsibility, performance, and liability of that agreement.
  3. A Client Agreement or informal acceptance of an offer exists on the engagement of our services, acceptance of an estimate or quote, or booking our service. To formally accept an offer, quoted price, or to make a booking, an ‘acceptance deposit’ (minimum $50) is required upon booking or the engagement of our services.
  4. Payment: Tax Invoices and billing notices which are ‘PREPAID’ or ‘CASH ON DELIVERY’ (COD), are heavily discounted. Payment can be made by cash, credit or debit card, or instant bank transfer (with confirmation/receipt). As such, it is a condition of the agreement, contract, supply, service, and or sale that PREPAID or COD discounts only apply to invoices that are settled in-full at the time of order; on the day of supply or service; day of installation, or otherwise agreed upon by us in writing.
  5. All outstanding or overdue Tax Invoices or billing notices revert to ‘Account-Terms pricing’ (see Account-Terms Invoicing). At our discretion, Established Loyalty Customers may be offered ‘Discounted Account-Terms Pricing’, subject to maintaining the agreement.
  6. Price: Only goods paid-in-full at the time of order are supplied as quoted, prices thereafter remain at the sole discretion of the Contractor. The Contractor retains the right to amend the price should their supplier’s price increase.
  7. Supply of Goods, Delays, Warranty Claims, or Returns: The Customer agrees to indemnify the Contractor from compensation for any fault, inconvenience, or delay in supply of goods, materials, or service – particularly that of facilitating warranty claims with suppliers. Goods and materials supplied by Tenmen Electrical may be covered under third party agreements and warranties, and may be subject to, or limited-by, their terms and conditions of trade and return processes. The Customer acknowledges that additional or unforeseen delays, or costs incurred such as labour or freight, are borne solely by the Customer.
  8. Customer’s Legal Responsibility: The Customer is responsible for acquiring necessary consent from Government and/or other (external or internal) authorities with regard, but not limited to, matters such as building approvals, environmental approvals, land use, lawful access, right of way, and body corporate compliance.
  9. Limitation of Contractor’s Liability and Disclaimer: Tenmen Electrical undertake work with all due care and expertise. Tenmen Electrical act at the request and direction of Client(s), who indemnify Tenmen Electrical (including their employees, subcontractors, and/or their subsidiaries, to the extent permitted by law) from any damage to property or person that is beyond their control. This extends to damages that are due to existing unauthorised or illegal modifications or repairs; product failures or faulty materials; installation and excavation that comes into contact with any undisclosed and/or underground services; such as: gas, sewer, electrical, plumbing, water, oil pipes, cables and/or other objects or services, and/or any damage that is caused by liquid, rust or corrosion; negligence or misuse. At the sole discretion of the Contractor, all statutory warranties that can be lawfully excluded are hereby expressly excluded.
  10. Contractor’s Rights Reserved: The Contractor reserves the right to decline services requested by a Customer, cancel or postpone bookings/appointments, amend Tax Invoices or billing documents to reflect the terms and conditions of trade, or that of the actual cost of materials, supplies, services, or proper fulfilment of the agreement.
  11. Variations to the ‘Scope of Work’: including undisclosed, unforeseen and or additional labour, goods, materials and or services – will be advised at the earliest opportunity where possible, and invoiced in addition to the original agreement.
  12. Cancellation of Engagement after Acceptance: Cancellations may incur costs. The Customer agrees to the liability of all reasonable costs incurred by us in preparation or cancellation of this agreement, including but not limited to, non-recoverable freight charges, restocking fees, and any other labour or work required to complete the cancellation of the agreement.
  13. Title and Ownership: We retain title to all equipment, services, materials, and supplies until full-and- final payment has been received, at which time ownership is transferred to the Customer. In no circumstance that an invoice remains outstanding, will equipment, services, and materials supplied by us be deemed a fixture.
  14. Account-Terms Invoicing: excludes existing discounts, and is double the PREPAID or COD price. It includes a 10% monthly account-management fee on outstanding balances, in addition to any-and-all associated debt recovery costs, as well as Court document preparation, servicing, and lodgement fees. Debt recovery costs and debt recovery initiation occurs thereafter without further notice. Account-terms invoices are reissued from the first business day that a balance appears overdue.
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