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There are a number of things that can affect the efficiency and performance of your solar system. Tenmen can fault-find and service your solar system, and in many cases, implement a solution on-site.

Expert Solar Panel Repairs

We understand that your solar panels are a valuable investment, providing clean, renewable energy to power your home or business. However, like any system, solar panels can experience issues over time.

At Tenmen Electrical, we specialise in diagnosing and repairing solar panel problems promptly. Our goal is to ensure that your solar system operates at its best, saving you money, reducing your carbon footprint, and contributing to a sustainable future. We’re your go-to source for professional solar repairs right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Solar Repair Services

Our solar repair services cover a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

1. Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: We thoroughly inspect your solar system to pinpoint the root causes of any issues.

2. Inverter Repairs and Replacements: The inverter is a vital component of your solar system. We can repair or replace malfunctioning inverters to restore your energy production.

3. Electrical Connection Inspections: We inspect all electrical connections to ensure they are secure and free from corrosion.

4. Panel Replacement and Maintenance: If your solar panels require replacement or maintenance, our expert team can address these needs efficiently.

5. Efficiency Optimization: We work to optimize the efficiency of your entire solar system, ensuring it generates the maximum energy output.

Common Solar Panel Issues

Some common solar panel issues we address include:

  • Dirt and Debris Accumulation: Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on panels, reducing their efficiency.
  • Inverter Failures: Inverters can malfunction and need repair or replacement.
  • Connection Problems: Loose or corroded electrical connections can hinder your solar system’s performance.
  • Shading Issues: Obstructions or shading from trees, buildings, or other objects can reduce energy production.
  • Panel Damage: Physical damage or wear and tear on panels may require maintenance or replacement.

Benefits of Timely Repairs

Investing in timely solar panel repairs offers numerous advantages:

  • Save on Energy Bills: Repairing your system ensures it operates at peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills.
  • Extend System Lifespan: Timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your solar system, maximizing your investment.
  • Reduce the Risk of System Failure: Addressing issues promptly reduces the risk of major system failures and the associated costs.

Solar Repair Services on The Sunshine Coast

If you’re experiencing issues with your solar panels or simply want to ensure they’re operating at their best, we are here to assist. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward efficient, reliable, and sustainable solar energy. Our experienced team is ready to address your solar repair needs, ensuring you harness the full potential of your solar investment.

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  • How often should I have my solar panels inspected and repaired?

    Regular inspections are recommended at least once a year, but additional inspections may be needed if you notice performance issues.

  • Can I repair my solar panels myself, or should I hire professionals?

    While some maintenance can be performed by the owner, it’s safer and more effective to hire professionals for repairs and complex maintenance tasks.

  • Are solar panel repairs covered by warranties?

    Solar panel warranties typically cover manufacturing defects, not issues caused by external factors or lack of maintenance. Regular servicing your solar system can prevent potential warranty issues.

  • How much does solar panel repair typically cost?

    The cost of repairs varies depending on the nature and extent of the issue. It’s best to schedule an inspection to get a precise estimate.

  • Will solar panel repairs increase my system's efficiency?

    Yes, addressing issues through repairs can significantly improve your system’s efficiency, leading to increased energy production.

Your Trusted Experts in Solar Repairs on The Sunshine Coast


At Tenmen Electrical, we are committed to providing top-notch solar solutions. We are Certified Master Electricians, accredited solar installers by the Clean Energy Council and have been serving the Sunshine Coast community for over a decade.

We are the result of years of dedication to the electrical and solar industry and our mission is to assist every Australian household in achieving energy independence by having a solar system tailored to their needs, operating at peak performance, and giving the best return on their investment.

Two workers carrying a solar panel to perform solar repair on a roof on the sunshine coast.
A man performing solar repairs on the Sunshine Coast using a drill.

Maximise Your Investment With Reliable Solar Services

Solar Services

At Tenmen Electrcial, we offer a comprehensive range of solar services to help you get the most value from your solar system. We can help you with everything from sales and installation to servicing and repair.

Our team of highly-trained and experienced solar professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and support. We’ll work with you to ensure that your solar system is meeting your needs and that you’re getting the most value from your investment.

  1. Transparency and Integrity

    We believe in informed decisions. As qualified solar electricians, our experienced professionals offer in-depth solar consultations, ensuring you understand your options, the benefits of solar, and the financial aspects before you commit. We empower you to make choices that align with your unique needs and goals.

  2. Tailored Solar Solutions

    No two solar projects are the same. We specialise in crafting solar solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to go off-grid or reduce your energy bills, we design systems that maximise efficiency and savings, ensuring you get precisely what you need.

  3. Quality and Competitive Pricing

    We're committed to providing the highest-quality yet affordable solar solutions. We partner with trusted manufacturers to offer cutting-edge, high-quality solar panels and components, guaranteeing the durability and performance of your solar system for years to come.

  4. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    At Tenmen Electrical, our service goes beyond installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your solar installations running optimally. Our friendly team is here to assist, ensuring your solar experience is completely smooth and hassle-free.

We only work with well-known and trusted brands

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A solar technician on the Sunshine Coast is talking to a woman about solar repair services.

"I only wish I had found them at the very beginning."

I googled solar repair electricians and found these guys. Had a couple of other people to look at my problem with my solar panels and big power bills, but didn't have any luck. I'm so so happy i found Tenmen Electrical, they were very friendly, very quick to come out and very efficient while finally fixing my problem, I only wish I had found them at the very beginning. Would definitely recommend these guys.

Quick and Effective Solar Repairs Services On The Sunshine Coast

Our Process

If your solar system is damaged or malfunctioning, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. At Tenmen Electrical, we offer a reliable solar repair process to get your system back up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • Request a free on-site consultation

    We will visit your home or business to assess your property and particular requirements. We will also analyse your electrical needs and consumption, taking into account all the necessary details for a successful solar installation, servicing or repair.

  • Get the right solution for your particular needs

    We'll repair your existing solar system or design a custom system to suit your particular situation, and budget. With our solar solutions, you will be able to monitor the energy generated and consumption, giving you absolute control over your solar system.

  • Save money on your power bill

    Our experienced team will install your solar panels and get your solar system up and running in no time. We take care of every detail to guarantee the excellence of our service, and to ensure that you feel confident and satisfied with your new solar system.

The Tenmen Electrical team of solar installers standing in front of the company van on the Sunshine Coast.
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What Our Customers Say

We take immense pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch electrical and solar solutions, and the feedback from our customers truly inspires us to maintain our dedication to providing outstanding services and striving for excellence in every project.

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    A green circle with the letter s in it.
    Local blokes genuinely wanting to help local families.

    Jaime provided our family with SO MUCH information about saving money and electricity in our household FOR FREE! He wasn’t “selling” anything, just genuine assistance for cost saving! We will definitely look at getting solar through them as it is WAY cheaper than what we bought for our last house and much bigger solar unit too with a longer warranty as well!

    Sarah Kantor

    The letter g in a brown circle.
    Nothing was ever to much trouble.

    Jamie and his crew installed solar on our house. They were very professional and kept us informed of when they were coming and also when they were on the job. When I contacted Jamie for some professional advice he was always willing to communicate with me. It's not very often companies keep you updated like Tenmen Electrical did. They were a pleasure to work with an I would highly recommend them.

    Greg Waites

    A blue circle with the letter p in it.
    It is a pleasure to do business with them as they are on time, courteous and knowledgeable.

    Tenmen and also the efficient and courteous female(s) are a reliable, ethical and efficient electrical, solar and air conditioning firm. It is a pleasure to do business with them as they are on time, courteous and knowledgeable about the products and services they supply. If you need some electrical, solar or air conditioning services I highly recommend them!

    Peter Johnson

    The letter b in a green circle.
    An absolute stellar team did superb installation job.

    Very happy with my solar installation on my home . After a super efficient review of my home, Jamie from Tenmen Electrical was able to identify a tailored installation to suit my budget, electricity needs and best efficiency for my panel positioning. Competitive pricing but also more importantly an absolute stellar team did superb installation job, completely seemless with nil issues at all.

    Bea Ormond

    A woman sitting on a bench next to a river.
    We had nothing but exceptional service.

    Highly recommend. We engaged Tenmen Electrical for our solar panel installation. We can not fault the professionalism and customer service of Tenmen Electrical, from our initial meeting with Jamie who came and explained the process, to the guys who came on the day to install, and over the phone in the office, we had nothing but exceptional service. No over the top sales hype, just the facts.


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