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Your One-Stop Solar and Aircon Solution

Get the best Air Conditioner and Solar packages for builders. We’ll do the heavy lifting. You get the rest. 

Best deals on Solar & Ducted Aircon for builders. Combine and save.

We’re a team of highly trained and experienced electricians that offer Solar and Ducted Aircon packages for builders.

Our services include installation, wiring, rewiring, maintenance, repair and more.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we’ve got it down to an art. Forget the hassle of managing multiple tradespeople. Have one team with decades of experience on the same page, working for you.

solar and air conditioning packages for builders

Increase your profit.
Decrease your wasted time.

By cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with us you’ll save time and you’ll see how your profit can increase by up to 30%.

We understand how managing multiple tradespeople can become a nightmare. There are so many things that can go wrong. You’ve got to find the right people, make sure they’re not overcharging you or taking too long to finish the job…

What you need is someone reliable who knows what they’re doing so you don’t have to worry about anything.

At Tenmen we take care of everything for you. Our team has been specially trained and experienced in installing solar and air conditioning systems in any type of build, regardless of size.

We are like a one-stop shop for all your AC and solar requirements. This is helpful for builders that have multiple solar and air conditioner requirements and want to save on costs.

Tenmen provides more than just a team of talented electricians. We offer the support of a team that is passionate about what they do!

Working with Tenmen comes with a lot of perks! 

Get the Best Package Deal on Solar & Ducted Air Conditioning for your Next Build.

Builders Packages

Partner with an Electrician You Can Trust

Hi there,

I’m Isaac, owner of Tenmen Electrical.

After hearing so many horror stories from builders who worked with *villain* contractors, I thought to myself it shouldn’t have to be this way… Why are so many builders putting up with unreliable workers?

That’s why I started the Tenmen Builder Partner Program.

This Program is designed to take the stress out of dealing with Solar and Ducted Aircon Builds. Meaning: less time is wasted and more profit is created to your back pocket.

Since the program began we have delivered hundreds of projects on time, and on budget. Delivering our partners peace of mind and growing profits is our main goal.



The Tenmen Builder Partner Program

The Tenmen Builder Partner Program offers solutions for builders that need Solar and Ducted Air Conditioner installed in their builds. Now you can take all the stress out of dealing with multiple contractors and agencies, as well as saving time and money!

Step 1: Apply to Join

Click “Apply to join” then fill in your contact details and we will contact you within 24 hours


Step 2: Become a Partner

Meet with the team. We evaluate your needs and Choose the best package and deals for you


Step 3: Enjoy Peace of Mind & Increase your profit

Sit back and relax knowing we’ll take care of the heavy lifting while enjoy more profits.

What Our Partner Builders Say


"The Most Recommended Electricians on The Coast"

Save time and money on your next building project

Partner with us to make the most of your project without the hassle and get the best deals on Solar and Ducted Air Conditioner.