Why Solar Panels Should Be Installed by a Professional

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Why it's essential to get a professional to install your solar system not DIY

At a glance, installing solar panels doesn’t look that complicated; just another job for the typical handyman. However, there are many things to consider when installing solar panels, like whether or not your roof can withstand the panels as-is, how to decide which solar system is the best for your building and whether you can install it safely on your own.

The moment a photovoltaic array is exposed to the sun, it begins to produce electricity. Solar arrays need to be hooked together, wired into an inverter and then hooked to a battery (off-grid system), to the utility grid (on-grid system) or both.

Off-grid systems are more common DIY projects but are still highly discouraged. It’s essential to use professional solar installers on the Sunshine Coast to get the most out of your investment. Failure to do so can result in voiding your insurance policies, warranties, rebates, incentives, etc., not to mention the danger it poses to you and those around you should your installation be faulty. Here are a couple of reasons why getting a professional to install your solar panels is a wiser decision.

DIY Solar Installation & Electrical Work Is Extremely Dangerous

It’s no secret that to achieve high-quality results with any electrical work; you need to be experienced and qualified. So when you decide to cut out the professionals and do it yourself, you may create a recipe for disaster. Without knowing exactly how to connect these wires accurately and safely, you could get a big shock!

Apart from the possibility of electrocuting yourself, you could create a severe fire hazard. It might not burst into flames when you make a mistake, but if electrical connections aren’t properly made, they’ll fail over time. This can take what was meant to be a money-saving move and turn it into a hazardous situation for you and those inside the building.

DIY Solar Panel Installation Could Cost You Expensive Mistakes

We all know that solar panels save a lot of money and are an extremely worthwhile investment. And at first, you might look at DIY panel installation as a way to save even more money. So how hard can it be? Before grabbing a ladder and your toolkit, you should ask yourself a few questions first.

Do you know the necessary prep work that needs to be done before installing? How about the condition of your roof? Is it able to withstand the weight of the solar panels, or does it need a little work first? Although it may look just acceptable to you, neglecting to have your roof professionally inspected before installation can lead to structural issues such as leaking, sagging or even collapsing.

Every building is different, and knowing what solar system is ideally suited for yours is crucial to getting a long-lasting, high-quality result that will increase the value of your property without putting your safety at risk.

You Need the Approval To Connect Your Solar System To The Grid

For on-grid systems, the solar system’s energy can affect the electricity grid’s performance. Therefore, before you connect your system to the grid, you will need approval from your electricity distributor and your electricity metre replaced or reconfigured.

Professional solar installers can make your life much easier as they will not only prepare and submit the required documentation for network connection approval and metre installation/configuration but will also arrange the connection of your system with your electricity distributor.

Professional Solar Panel Installers on the Sunshine Coast

Contact Tenmen Electrical for professional solar panel & system installation for your home or business!

If you’re considering installing a new solar system, seek professional installers. Doing it yourself may seem a good deal initially, but it may cost a lot more in the long term.

Professional solar installers will ensure your system is appropriate, safe and efficient, provide you with a warranty, save you a lot of time and headaches and give you peace of mind.

Call us today on 1300 836 636 and let our expert team of solar installers on the Sunshine Coast provide you with the quality results you deserve!


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