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Your best sleep ever!

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Your best sleep ever!

Summers in Queensland are synonymous with backyard barbeques and weekends spent at the beach. Unfortunately, with these much-loved Aussie traditions comes the sweltering heat -one could almost say that it is the right of passage for a Queenslander to grow up spending countless humid summer nights lying on top of one’s sheets, covered in sweat, but why suffer unnecessarily? Sleep is not just an activity humans participate in for the sake of a shorter work day.

Our bodies require those hours to rest, recover and replenish itself for the next day. When your sleeping life is effected, your waking life is effected too. Don’t deny your body and mind for another summer. Tenmen can help you attain the best sleep your body deserves, every night!


Draws out moisture


Improves air quality


Models that suit your space

Our team of fully-qualified electricians and refrigeration mechanics cover the entirety of the Sunshine Coast.

Each team member has extensive experience servicing, repairing, replacing and installing split-systems air-conditioners.

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