Best Split System Air Conditioner Brands in Australia

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Discover The Best Air Conditioning Brands In Australia

When you live in a hot and humid climate like us, air conditioning is a must: it becomes part of your life, and having it ready and prepared is the key to comfort and a quality home life.

So, if you want to buy an air conditioner on the Sunshine Coast, replace the one you already have in your home, or simply want more information about the devices and the best brands you can find on the market, keep reading.

Today we bring you beneficial and relevant information about what the brands available in Australia can offer you, their quality, effectiveness and profitability.

We know that brands are very different from each other and that there are many different types of air conditioners (central/ducted, window, split system or portable air conditioner), so we will be as straightforward as possible o help you choose the best fit for your home.

List Of Canstar Blue’s Best Australian Air Conditioner Brands

This list contains the best Australian air conditioner brands according to consumers (more than 1000 Australians were interviewed to collect the data – Canstar Blue):

  • Panasonic
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Kelvinator
  • Fujitsu General
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Daikin


Panasonic is a very popular company worldwide. It is known for its electronic home appliances and has also carved out a niche in the air conditioning market.

Some of the main characteristics of its aircon products are:

  • Smart home technology;
  • flexible and easy-to-use control solutions;
  • designed with energy efficiency in mind to take care of your pocket and the environment;
  • wide variety of innovative and flexible products to meet different needs or R32 refrigerant.

They also have air purifiers that clean the ambient air and eliminate possible viruses and bacteria, which is a major concern nowadays.

The price of Panasonic air conditioners is also slightly higher than many other brands, ranging from more than $ 1,000 and up to $ 4,000 for the high-end models. In addition, many of these air conditioners come with an inverter included to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Panasonic’s Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

There are three key split and one multi-split system air conditioners in the Panasonic range:

Panasonic Split System ECO naviPanasonic Econavi
– Type: 
Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Nanoe-G Technology (Purification System)
Panasonic Split System Cooling-OnlyPanasonic Cooling Only
– Type: Cool Only
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Panasonic Split System Reverse CyclePanasonic Reverse Cycle
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Panasonic Split System Multi SplitPanasonic Multi-Split
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 5.2KW — 10KW
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System AVANTI-Plus-Lifestyle-SRK2025355060ZSXA-W-1152x648V3

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is widely regarded as a premium brand known for its high-performance systems and powerful units that effectively keep you cool even during the hottest months.

It offers cooling capacities ranging from 1.7kW to 9.5kW, Wi-Fi connectivity for easy use by all family members, automatic temperature control mode, and an “Allergen Clear” system that fights against allergens. All of these features come at a higher price point, with machines starting at over $2,000.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

Here are some of the models that are currently available on the market:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System AVANTI-Indoor-2kW-3.5-5kW-SRK20-35-50ZSA-SMitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Avanti® Series
– Type: Two models – Cool Only / Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 5.0KW
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System AVANTI-Plus-Indoor-SRK2025355060ZSXA-WMitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Avanti Plus® Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 6.0KW
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System BRONTE-Indoor-6.3kW-7.1kW-8.0kW-SRK63ZRA-W-SRK71ZRA-W-SRK80ZRA-WMitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Bronte® Series
– Type: Two models – Cool Only / Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 6.3KW — 9.5KW
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System SRK-ZMP-S-Indoor-1.7kW-SRK17ZMP-SMitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) SRK-ZMP Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 1.7KW
Images source:

The Avanti PLUS series stands out for its exceptional efficiency, boasting a seven-star rating. It incorporates motion sensors that contribute to energy savings and employs advanced technology to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable operation.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) Range Of Multi-Split System Air Conditioners:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also has a range of Multi-Split Systems:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System SCM60ZM-S1SCM-ZM Series
– Max. Indoor Units 3 — 6
– Capacity: 6.0KW — 12.5KW
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System SCM40-45ZSSCM-ZS Series
– Max. Indoor Units 2 — 3
– Capacity: 4.0KW — 5.0KW
Images source:

In comparison to its competitors, Mitsubishi received the highest overall customer rating, with the exception of the quality/price ratio category, where it received a lower score due to its higher cost.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electrics Split System MSZ-EF-VE2 Series

Mitsubishi Electric, not to be confused with the previously mentioned Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is another completely separate brand that shares the Mitsubishi name.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners feature wide air flows and long horizontal blades specifically designed to help push air into rooms. It has standard models with the classic characteristics of most air conditioners and ‘Premium’ ones with a greater range of speed and functionalities.

Among its most common features are the Blue Fin capacitor, economic mode, night mode, emergency operations, and some models are also compatible with Demand Response Enabling Devices (DRED).

When it comes to price, Mitsubishi Electric can be considered a high-end brand, with prices ranging between $1,000 and exceeding $4,000. It’s worth noting that their devices boast low noise levels and offer a wide range of integrated functionalities. However, it should be mentioned that Mitsubishi Electric is not widely recognized for its brand reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

Some of their most popular air conditioners are:

Mitsubishi Electrics Split System MSZ-AP SeriesMitsubishi MSZ-AP Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 7.8KW
Mitsubishi Electrics Split System MSZ-LN SeriesMitsubishi MSZ-LN Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 6.0KW
Mitsubishi Electrics Split System MSZ-EF SeriesMitsubishi MSZ-EF Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 5.0KW
Mitsubishi Electrics Split System MSY-GN SeriesMitsubishi MST-GN Series
– Type: Cooling only
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Images source:

Mitsubishi Electrics also has a wide range of Multi-Split Systems:

Mitsubishi Electrics Split System Multi split• MXZ-2F52VF-A1 – 2-Port
• MXZ-2F52VGD – 2-Port
• MXZ-3F54VGD-A1 – 3-Port
• MXZ-4F71VGD-A1 – 4-Port
• MXZ-4F80VGD – 4-Port
• MXZ-5F100VGD – 5-Port
• MXZ-6F120VGD – 6-Port
Images source:


Kelvinator is part of the Electrolux group and one of the most affordable brands on the market right now.

The power output of their devices ranges from 1.6kW to 8kW. With prices starting from $500 for entry-level models and reaching up to $1000 for the upper range, Kelvinator provides options that suit different budgets.

However, it’s important to note that Kelvinator’s energy efficiency may not be as high when compared to other brands, and its devices tend to make more noise. Additionally, the features offered by Kelvinator may not be as extensive as those of more expensive alternatives.

That said, Kelvinator’s range includes programmable speeds and flows, timed settings, night mode, economy mode, and sleep mode. One notable feature is its dust filter, which effectively removes large particles from the air. The devices are also designed to resist corrosion, resulting in an extended service life.

Kelvinator’s Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

Some of the Kelvinator air conditioner models available on the current market are:

Kelvinator Split System KSD90HWJKelvinator Reverse Cycle
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 3.5KW — 9.0KW
Kelvinator Split System KSV50HWHKelvinator Cooling Only
– Type: Cool Only
– Capacity: 7.1KW
Images source: 

Fujitsu General

Fujitsu is a highly popular and reputable air conditioning company, known for offering a wide variety of products and ranges. Fujitsu offers a wide range of wall-mounted air conditioners, available in three main series: Classic, Lifestyle, and Designer.

The Classic range focuses on speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness, providing a reliable cooling solution. The Lifestyle range, on the other hand, excels in energy efficiency while maintaining an elegant design that seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of any home. Finally, the Designer range showcases premium quality and modern aesthetics, boasting advanced features and functionalities.

It’s worth noting that while Fujitsu often offers competitive pricing, some of its products can exceed $4,000. Additionally, most of their units come equipped with a human sensor that automatically turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity, and some models can be controlled via remote.

Overall, Fujitsu is highly regarded for its reliability, value for money, and customer satisfaction.

Fujitsu’s Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

Some of the Fujitsu air conditioner models available on the current market are:

Fujitsu Split System classic rangeFujitsu Classic Range
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 9.2KW
Fujitsu Split System lifestyle rangeFujitsu Lifestyle Range
– Type: Cool Only / Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.1KW — 9.4KW
Fujitsu Split System lifestyle rangeFujitsu Designer Range
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 5.0KW
Fujitsu Split System designer rangeFujitsu Multi-split
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.3KW — 8.0KW
Images source:


Samsung offers a wide range of air conditioning options, including solutions for commercial use. With cooling capacities ranging from 2.5kW to 8kW, they are designed to meet various needs.

One notable feature is the turbo mode, which allows for quick temperature adjustment in both warmer and cooler environments. Additionally, the sleep function mode automatically adjusts the temperature, airflow, and speed to create an optimal sleeping environment.

Samsung air conditioners also come equipped with a 24-hour programmable timer, allowing you to set operating schedules according to your needs. With multiple modes and functions such as turbo, sleep mode, and dry mode, you have flexibility in customizing your comfort.

These units are discreetly positioned behind the ceiling, providing a silent airflow that can be adjusted in terms of speed and direction. They are also highly effective in removing excess moisture from the air, making them ideal for hot and humid climates.

Another very interesting feature is the automatic restart capability in the event of a power outage.

Samsung’s Range Of Split System Air Conditioners:

Samsung’s latest air conditioner models:

Samsung Split System Air Conditioner GEO wind freeSamsung Geo Wind-Free™ AR9500 Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Samsung Split System Air Conditioner GEOSamsung GEO AR5500 Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 9.4KW
Samsung Split System Air Conditioner GEOSamsung Geo + Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 8.0KW
Daikin Split System Alira SeriesSamsung Multisplit FJM Nasa Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.6KW — 10.0KW
Images source:


LG offers a diverse range of air conditioners, including wall-mounting systems, split systems, ducted systems, and multi-split systems, providing options to suit different preferences. One notable feature across their range is the “Active Energy Control” option, allowing users to set energy consumption limits for increased efficiency. Additionally, select models support Wi-Fi Smart Control as an optional add-on.

LG air conditioners are known for their ultra-low operating sound, outdoor quiet mode, noise reduction in outdoor units, and various filter systems. The self-cleaning feature is another advantage, ensuring convenient maintenance.

With prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, LG offers competitive pricing in today’s market. The brand’s reputation for reliability and value for money further distinguishes it in the industry.

LG’s Range Of Air Conditioners:

LG Split System Air Conditioners are divided into 2 groups:

LG Split SystemLG Split Systems
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 9.4KW
LG Split System MultisplitLG Multi Split
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 7.1KW — 14.0KW
Images source:


Daikin is recognized for its “super-efficient” performance and is the only brand backed by the Asthma Council.

When it comes to air conditioning products, Daikin offers three main models: wall-mounted Split systems, multi-blade systems, and ducted air conditioners. These models are equipped with various functionalities, including reverse cycle for both cooling and heating purposes, as well as Wi-Fi compatibility.

Additional features include a silent night mode for quiet operation, a humidity-drying mode, and a powerful cooling/heating mode for rapid temperature adjustment. Automatic functions, such as automatic restart after a power outage, further enhance convenience.

The price of Daikin air conditioners varies depending on the desired features and specifications.

Overall, Daikin is highly regarded for its functionality, comprehensive features, and brand reliability.

Daikin’s Range Of Air Conditioners:

Daikin has the following air conditioner models:

Daikin Split System US7 SeriesDaikin US7 Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 5.0KW
Daikin Split System Zena SeriesDaikin Zena Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 6.0KW
Daikin Split System Cora seriesDaikin Cora Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle / Cool Only
– Capacity: 2.5KW — 9.4KW
Daikin Split System Alira SeriesDaikin Alira Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 9.4KW
Daikin Split System lite seriesDaikin Lite Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle / Cool Only
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 7.1KW
Daikin Multisplit Super Multi NX (R32)Daikin Lite Series
– Type: Reverse Cycle / Cool Only
– Capacity: 2.0KW — 7.1KW
Images source:

So, Which Is The Best Australian Air Conditioner Brand?

When evaluating the overall value, it is worth noting that all the brands we have analyzed are reputable and offer reliable and high-quality air conditioning systems. However, it is important to recognize that a premium air conditioning system often comes with a higher price point.

Among the brands, Mitsubishi and Panasonic stand out for their power and capacity. However, the ultimate decision should be based on individual preferences, budget, and desired functionalities. For instance, if sustainability is a priority or if features like Wi-Fi and remote control are essential, these factors should be taken into consideration.

If you are interested in learning more about things to consider before installing air conditioning in your home, you can’t miss our article 10 things to consider before installing Air Conditioning.


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