Air Conditioning Coolum

Quality Air Conditioner Services for Your Home or Business

At Tenmen we have a team of well-trained professionals with the necessary certificates and licenses to work with air conditioners. If you want to install, repair, maintain, replace or need any type of service for your air conditioning units: with us you will find the highest quality and efficiency.

Air Conditioning Coolum

Choose Tenmen for All of Your Air Conditioning Needs

Tenmen Electrical provides quality air conditioning services throughout the Sunshine Coast and also throughout the calm and natural área of Coolum. We work in Coolum servicing private homes and any type of business.

We go above and beyond to meet your expectations and demands.

Split System Air Conditioning

We work with split air conditioning systems for individual rooms or for large areas and we always incorporate the latest market developments. Now the air conditioners can have an ionized filtering system, automatic temperature control or even remote control with your own mobile phone.

Our split system air conditioning services include:

Ducted Air Conditioning

We also work with ducted air conditioning systems both to heat and cool the rooms of your Coolum home or business. It is a very powerful system to ensure maximum comfort throughout the building and also allows the temperature to be adjusted to each room independently. They are effective and silent systems and are highly recommended for large homes or multi-storey flats.

Our ducted air conditioning services include:

Air Conditioning Coolum

All members of our Tenmen team can work with both ducted and split air conditioning systems. And they are also very experienced in any of your needs, from repairs to replacements or maintenance. You can count on us!

Sales and Installation

Need a new air conditioner?
Do not choose just any air conditioner for your home. You always have to study what your home is like and what to look for with your air conditioning system in order to choose the one that best suits you and achieve maximum comfort.


Is your air conditioner not working as it should?
Don't stress! Let us know and we will go to your home or your Coolum business to diagnose the issue. If we can, we will repair it then and there. Our team of professionals will give you the best possible solution.


Is your air conditioner not cooling, blocked or smelly?
Feel free to notify us of any unusual changes or malfunctions in your air conditioner. Good maintenance will guarantee a longer useful life for your air conditioning and even greater financial savings.


Time to change your old air conditioner?
If your unit needs to be replaced, give us a call and we'll be glad to help. In addition, for these situations, we have discounts and special rates if you exchange your old air conditioning.

Residential Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast
Choosing the right air conditioner for your family makes all the difference in comfort and quality of life, and more so on hot Coolum days. Each home is different, has a unique location and requires a personalized solution. Get in touch with our team and we will recommend the best air conditioning system for your home.
Commercial Air Conditioning
Are you interested in installing a good air conditioning system for your Coolum business? No matter the size of your business, at Tenmen we can help you. We will study your house and we will give you the best solution and in the shortest possible time.

Air Conditioning Coolum

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