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Get Your Air Conditioner as Good as New

Air Conditioning Servicing

What Does an Air Conditioner Service Include?

Looking for air conditioner servicing on the Sunshine Coast?

At Tenmen Electrical, we believe that it’s important that our clients know and understand every part of the maintenance process for their air conditioning units. Therefore, we like to detail each of the steps that this comprehensive service entails:

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Tenmen Electrical is a local family-owned business providing exceptional service for your electrical, solar, and air conditioning needs. We pride ourselves on being punctual, competitively priced, customer-focused, and thorough. 

With us, you’ll receive quality workmanship and affordability, along with innovative and user-friendly solutions to maximize efficiency. Trust us to show up on time, complete the job to the highest standard, and clean up after ourselves. Choose Tenmen Electrical for a reliable and trustworthy electrician that cares about our customers.

“We believe in providing exceptional service with quality workmanship and affordability, as a reliable and trustworthy electrician that cares about our customers”

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Air Conditioning Service

Get Your Air Conditioner Running Like New!

air conditioning services sunshine coast

We understand that it can be easy to forget about your air conditioning systems once it has been installed until a problems or fault arises.

However, in order for the equipment to last, and to ensure that the unit is running at its full potential periodic maintenance is essential to prevent issues that often pop up over time, such as producing an unpleasant smell, not cooling as well as it used to, or consuming too much energy.

At Tenmen Electrical we are fully certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCTICK), and our Maintenance Service includes all you need to get your unit running at its maximum potential.


As you may already know, air conditioning units offer an inviting environment for mould and bacteria to grow. Hidden inside your unit – these unwanted residents contaminate the beautiful, fresh air that circulates through your house. This dirty air not only turns your home into an unhealthy living space but can also aggravate existing medical conditions.

Get your air conditioner serviced today and start enjoying the benefits.

Boost the Quality of the Air You Breathe

Reduce Your Power Bills

Increase Efficiency

Increase Your Air Conditioner Lifespan

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