Air Conditioning Service

Get your air conditioner back to new.

Air Conditioning Servicing

What does the air conditioning service include?

Looking for Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast? At TENMEN we believe that it is important that our clients know and understand every part of the maintenance process of their air conditioning units. Therefore, we like to detail each of the parts that this comprehensive service entails:
Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Get your Air Conditioner back to new!

Many people, once they install their air conditioning systems, forget about it completely until it causes problems or a fault arises.

However, If we want the equipment to last and we hope to get the most out of its benefits, it is essential to perform periodic maintenance to prevent issues such as producing an unpleasant smell, not cooling enough or consuming too much energy.

At TENMEN we are Certified by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARCTICK) and our Maintenance Service includes all you need to get your unit running at its maximum potential.


As you may already know, Air Conditioning units offer an inviting environment for mould and bacteria to grow. Hidden inside your unit, these unwanted residents contaminate the beautiful, fresh air that circulates through your house. This dirty air not only turns your home into an unhealthy living space, but can also aggravate existing medical conditions.

Get your Air Conditioner serviced today and start enjoying all the benefits.

Boost the quality of the air you breathe

Do you want fresh air circulating throughout your home or business?

Excellent Quality Product

We hope for quality and choose top range and energy efficient equipments.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Our #1 priority at TENMEN is your happiness. We stand by our services 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it.

Efficient Split Systems

We make sure that the system provides the maximum comfort with low running costs.