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Wake up to a warm house

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Wake up to a warm house

Cold winter mornings effect even “morning people”. Waking up to a cold house and starting your day wishing you didn’t have to get up is a sure way to precipitate a bad mood. Not only does the chilly weather influence your mood, but it also affects your health. Low temperatures diminish our immune response; if your home environment is consistently under 20° you’re putting yourself and your family at risk for catching something and being unable to fight it off. Don’t just rely on your flu shot – install an air conditioner in your house this winter to keep you healthy, and warm, this winter.


Programmable to turn on before you wake




Reduces your chance of getting sick

Our team of fully-qualified electricians and refrigeration mechanics cover the entirety of the Sunshine Coast.

Each team member has extensive experience servicing, repairing, replacing and installing split-system air-conditioners.

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