Airtouch zone control review

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AirTouch: the smart air conditioning control

AirTouch is an intelligent air conditioning controller designed to enhance the operation of any existing air conditioning and heating in your home and to provide the greatest possible comfort for each room.

AirTouch is capable of managing a broad range of temperatures throughout the same building at the same time. Up to 16 zones can be easily set up.

Individualised room temperature and airflow control are controlled through modern touch screens or mobile APPs (both Apple and Android).

AirTouch Zone Review


AirTouch allows you to control the temperature of your home or business and the different air conditioning and airflow modes.

With its Individual Temperature Control (ITC), each household member can adjust the climate of a specific space according to their needs. Moreover, this feature acknowledges that some rooms in a house or office may be hotter or colder than others and thus have differing conditioning needs.

AirTouch monitors room temperatures and intelligently adjusts airflow based on your home’s needs, thanks to its multiple temperature sensors.
AirTouch adjusts the airflow when rooms get too hot or cold to have the desired temperature.


Thanks to its versatility to control the different areas individually, it allows greater personal comfort whilst saving energy and money.
You can turn off the zones that are not being used and not waste energy heating or cooling them.

Moreover, another of its functionalities is to set a timer for the on and off, monitor the time of each service and refer to indicators that assist you to maximise efficiency.

It’s essential to consider the quality of your rest and save your pocket.


AirTouch works with a touch control panel from which the entire home and its different air conditioning and heating devices are monitored.

This control panel is easy to customise, so it is easy for all family members, from the little ones to the oldest.

Different functionalities can be programmed for each of the devices.

It is compatible with the latest wireless technology, and you can join your home WiFi network to control it from any smart device.

With the new AirTouch APP, you can activate and deactivate the operating zones and adjust the airflow or the temperature, all this from tablets, smartphones or any device connected through WiFi.

Therefore, you can manage your home without being there.

You can also receive alerts and notifications of the temperature of your house directly to your phone.

The latest in technology for total comfort.

AirTouch. Air Conditioning Smart Control


The durability and quality of the products are essential when making a long-term investment in an air conditioning system. AirTouch parts and components are manufactured from the best materials and meet Australian standards for quality and safety.

Purchasing An AirTouch On The Sunshine Coast

AirTouch is a great option for saving money and caring for the environment without compromising comfort if you want to save money in the long run.

Ensure the air conditioner you install is compatible with this device.

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