Up to $700 in Savings for Eligible Queensland Homes

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In response to the rising cost of living in Australia, the Queensland Government has announced more support for both residential and small business energy consumers.

The government will give away $550 to all residents on their next power bill to help offset the rising cost of living, and $700 to low-income families who also get the Queensland Government’s normal electricity rebate.

What is The Cost of Living Rebate for Households?

The Cost of Living Rebate is a ray of hope for Queensland homeowners struggling with rising electricity bills. This generous government refund intends to provide financial support by significantly reducing electricity expenses.

For the coming year, qualifying households can expect their costs to be reduced by $700, providing a breath of fresh air to family budgets across the state.

Who Is Eligible for the Cost of Living Rebate?

The eligibility requirements for this rebate are intended to target people who truly need assistance. A valid concession card, such as a Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card, or a Queensland Seniors Card, is required to qualify. In addition, the primary residence must be in Queensland, and the energy account must be in your name. This guarantees that the rebate directly assists individuals who are struggling to manage their energy bills.

How Can I Apply for the Cost of Living Rebate?

Starting in July 2023, the refund will be automatically credited to the electricity bills of most households on a quarterly basis. The timing of the rebate application will depend on your electricity provider’s billing cycle.

If you get your electricity through an on-supply arrangement, such as an embedded network or a card-operated metre, the way you get your refund may vary. For complete qualifying and payment details, visit the Queensland Government’s website page: Cost of Living Rebate.

What if I don’t qualify for the Cost of Living Rebate?

For those who may not qualify for the Cost of Living Rebate or are seeking to maximise their energy savings even further, consider scheduling an energy efficiency audit. By assessing your household’s energy consumption patterns, identifying potential areas of wastage, and implementing tailored strategies, you can unlock additional savings that can reduce your energy bills by up to a staggering 80%.

In response to the upcoming energy-price rises, Tenmen Electrical, as your trusted local electricians, are offering our famous energy audit for free for a limited time. Contact us to book your free energy efficiency audit and let us show you where and how you can optimise your energy consumption and save money on your energy bills.


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