Score Up to $1,000 Off Energy-Efficient Appliances with QLD’s New Rebate

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About 40,000 Queensland households will be able to save up to $1,000 on the purchase of new, energy-efficient appliances.

As the world faces the undeniable challenges of climate change, governments worldwide are making efforts towards a more sustainable future. In this direction, The Queensland Government has started an initiative called the Climate Smart Energy Savers“.

In this article, we’ll go through the specifics of this project and how you can benefit from it.

What is The Climate Smart Energy Savers Initiative?

Starting on September 4, 2023, eligible Queensland homes have the opportunity to claim rebates ranging from $300 to $1,000 when they replace their old appliances with those that have an energy rating of 4 stars, or higher. This offer will remain in effect until the program closes.

This unique initiative intends to not only motivate Queenslanders to make energy-efficient choices but also to reduce the financial cost involved with switching to greener products.

Which Appliances Are Covered by the Queensland Rebate?

  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)
  • Air conditioners (AS4755 compliant and 4-star-rated or higher for cooling)
  • Solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems

Here’s a list of the eligible rebate amounts for each appliance:

ApplianceStandard rebateLow-income rebate
Clothes washing machines (incl. washer/dryers)$300$550
Clothes dryer$300$550
Refrigerators (including fridge/freezers)$350$600
Air conditioners$400$650
Heat pump hot water systems$800$1,000
Solar hot water systems$800$1,000
Source: Department of Energy and Public Works – Queensland Government

When Do I Need to Buy the Appliance to be Eligible for the Rebate?

In order to be eligible for the rebate, eligible appliances must be purchased and installed on or after the program start date.

How Much Can I Save by Upgrading My Appliances with the Queensland Rebate?

By switching to energy-saving appliances, you not only save money on energy, but you also help to reduce carbon emissions.

Transitioning from a two-star-rated appliance to a four-star-rated one has the potential to save you anywhere from $30 to $1,118 annually in energy costs, depending on the appliance type.

The table below shows how much money you can save by switching your appliances.

ApplianceUpgradeAvg. savings / yearAvg. reduce tCO2e/year
Clothes washing machines2-star to 4-star$1170.31
Clothes dryer2-star to 4-star$300.08
Dishwashers2-star to 4-star$750.20
Refrigerators2.5-star to 4-star$320.08
Air conditioners3-star to 4-star$1340.35
Heat pump hot water systemsFrom electric storage$11182.96
Solar hot water systemsFrom electric storage$10502.78
Source: Department of Energy and Public Works – Queensland Government
tCO2e = tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.
Actual results will vary depending on household usage, location and appliance.
Appliance data is based on the calculator for specific appliance types.
Hot water data is based on the calculator data and Queensland FY2023-24 Tariff11 rate.
Emissions data based on average kilowatt hour (kWh) savings and 0.00088 tCO2/e/kWh.

For more information about the Energy Star rating system, please visit

Eligibility for The Climate Smart Energy Savers Initiative

The standard rebate will be available to all eligible Queensland homes, with higher rebates intended for low-income households. Rebates paid will be determined by the appliance purchased and installed.

Applicant eligibility criteria will be provided when the program opens.

Only one rebate will be accessible per household. Rebates offered under the program cannot exceed the total cost of purchasing or installing an eligible appliance. A maximum of 1,500 rebates will be available for energy-efficient hot water systems.

Also, this energy efficiency rebate coincides with the introduction of a $550 electricity rebate accessible to all residents, as well as an extra $1,072 power rebate designated for senior citizens and concession card holders. If you want to learn more about this rebate, check our article on the Cost of Living Rebate for Households.

Register Your Interest

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity and save energy and money?

Register your interest now to be alerted when applications for Climate Smart Energy Savers become available. Please keep in mind that expressing your interest does not guarantee you will be eligible for a rebate, but it is the first step towards taking advantage of this initiative.

Explore Further Savings Opportunities

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