Electric Gate Installation & Repairs

Electric Gate Installation & Repairs

Don’t you have an electric gate? So, you can count on Tenmen.

Tenmen Electrical offers a range of services that include installation and repair of electric gates of any kind. Our goal is the security and peace of mind of our clients. To achieve this, we have a team of experts trained to offer you the best solution for the installation or repair of any fault with your automatic gate, always respecting the safety and integrity of all its components.

We have a large stock of original spare parts and components from the main brands in the industry: BFT, FAAC, CAME, Liftmaster, Fadini, NICE, Magic Button, Ditec, and many more. This allows us to give a quick response to any incident with an electric gate, displacing our technician with all necessary material and equipment to quickly and efficiently solve your problem, without the need to make additional trips.

We service all types of electric gates and automation systems, such as:

  • Automatic glass doors
  • Sliding gates
  • Folding gates
  • Commercial doors
  • Automation repairs

Additionally, some of our most common services include the inspection and service of the following components:

  • Damaged panels: apart from the aesthetic factor, especially if it is the entrance of your business, the wear and tear due to weather agents or the deformation of any king represent a safety risk. They should be replaced before they fall off or compromise the rest of the automatic door structure.
  • Bearings: they wear out and oxidize over time, and this is normal even if the door is effectively maintained. So they should be replaced with original spare parts to prevent future breakdowns caused by malfunctioning bearings.
  • Springs: they wear out and deform, and in many cases, they loosen up. With regular maintenance of your gate, you avoid the breakage of these components, preventing higher expenses.
  • Tension cables: they can become loose or damaged, and our technical service will reposition or replace them if necessary.
  • Remote controls: we have an extensive stock of original remote controls, as well as remotes compatible with the main brands in the sector.
  • Motors: the opening system is one of the most complex mechanisms of an automatic gate and must be handled only by a qualified technician, who can guarantee that the electromechanical conditions remain intact.
  • Photocells and other sensors: essential for the safety of those at your house, business, building or neighbourhood. Proper functioning sensors ensure that an automatic gate correctly detects that a person or animal is going through it.

All these services or any sort of installation should be carried out by specialized technicians that can certify the system integrity and safety for the users. We are qualified to conduct any technical service involving automatic gates, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. 

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