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MyAir: the smart air conditioning management system

MyAir is a premium reverse cycle air conditioning management system from Advantage Air. It has individual room airflow control and a touchscreen, an Android tablet.

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MyAir Specifications

  • 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • An elegant and easy-to-use interface
  • Energy-saving motion sensor option
  • Airflow adjustment in any room
  • MyAir APP for smartphones and tablets
  • Fresh air option
  • Compatible with the main air conditioning brands on the market

Advantage Air allows you to control your HVAC system entirely through its powerful thermostat or, thanks to the app, with your mobile.

The outstanding feature of this smart thermostat is that it allows you to regulate absolutely everything related to your room’s air conditioning. The system will first reach and then maintain the perfect temperature for your home or office.

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MyAir Savings

It is estimated that air conditioning consumption can account for 40% of the total cost of electricity in a home and up to 60% in the case of offices. Integrating these types of systems promises to reduce this expense by up to 53%.

MyAir Comfort

The idea is to regulate the ideal temperature for each room according to your needs, obtaining the comfort you are looking for.

In addition, it allows total control of the air conditioning of the home and office from anywhere and at any time through a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Therefore, you can be at work and program the air conditioning so that when you return home, you have your cool home to rest.

MyAir Compatibility

The idea is that their systems are compatible with the top brands in the air conditioning market, thus affording almost everyone the chance to upgrade their system with Advantage Air.

MyAir Functioning

Airzone is made up of three elements:

  • The smart thermostats are located in each room that requires temperature control.
  • Emission equipment: motorized grilles or gates, solenoid valves and individual equipment.
  • A central system that analyzes the information and regulates the emission equipment.

The idea is to achieve a smart home and in the end, integrate it with more home functionalities.

MyAir Airflow

You can control the airflow in each of the rooms from 5 to 100%. Thus, the airflow can be customized according to the personal preferences of each member of the household.


This is your ideal system if you are looking for the greatest comfort and convenience for your home.

It is the perfect option for a home with several rooms or anyone on the lookout for a cutting-edge conditioning unit capable of personalising a space according to season, routine or any number of personal preferences.

On top of this, the unit could also save the owner energy and money.

If you like the latest technology and the new reality where everything can be controlled with your Smartphone, this is your system.

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