Solar Power is Australians’ Preferred Energy Source

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Solar Power is Australians’ Preferred Energy Source

Australian Rooftop Solar Power Installations set a new record of 207 MW in October, beating the previous benchmark by 15% and with new records set in four different states.

Australia is one of the TOP 10 countries with the world’s highest use and production of solar power. Focused on protecting the environment, managing energy and supporting renewable energy, with data from 2018, it produces about 12.2 GW.

More and more Australians are joining the solar movement and installing solar panels on their rooftops or gardens. We are the first country in the world with the largest number of facilities of this type, with more than 2.2 million homes operating with solar energy.

The national picture capacity installed each month, nationally.


This not only leads to improved household energy management but has also significantly reduced the emission of harmful gases by Australians to the ozone layer.

So yes, we can say that solar power is Australians’ favourite renewable energy source.

A bar chart showing the number of sunwiw users in the same time as previous years.


The data on The Climate of the Nation Report reveals its popularity and how Australians increasingly advocate for this type of energy to progressively eliminate those most polluting models, such as coal.

The Climate of the Nation Report is a survey conducted by The Australian Institute (TAI), studying Australians’ views and attitudes towards climate change and the environment for years.

And this year, even though Covid 19 being a significant concern, people have not forgotten about our planet.

”Almost 60% of Australians choose solar power as their favourite renewable energy”

The survey results show how Australians believe we should be among the first to take action to improve the environment by reducing pollution and supporting renewable energy such as Solar.

Seven in ten Australians (71%) want Australia to be a global leader in finding solutions to climate change, a jump of 9 percentage points from 2019.

Almost 60% of Australians choose solar energy as their favourite over the rest, followed by wind and hydraulic energy.

And you, are you thinking of joining the solar energy bandwagon? Keep reading, and you will see the benefits of Solar.

Why do over 2 million Australians prefer solar power?

Solar energy requires an initial investment to carry it out, but comparatively, it is a type of energy that reduces household energy costs, contributes to family savings and is beneficial and non-polluting for the environment.

Here are some of the many reasons why Australians prefer solar power:

  • It is renewable. We’ve always had solar energy, since the beginning of the planet. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy.
  • It’s abundant. The earth receives more energy and solar radiation than it needs; 20 thousand times more.
  • It is respectful of the environment because it does not pollute or run out.
  • It is available anywhere in the world. All countries of the world can benefit from solar energy.
  • There are many options available. It doesn’t matter where you want to put solar panels. There are already many different solutions to adapt to your needs.
  • It reduces electricity costs. Solar allows you to say goodbye to electrical companies, protecting you from future rises in energy costs.
  • It’s silent. It does not produce any kind of noise. It hardly needs maintenance. Basically, by having the panels clean, they have up to 20 years guarantee.
  • Solar is constantly being improved. As one of the most popular energy sources, researchers are always looking for new ways to make solar more efficient and reliable.

Australia is a country that, due to its environmental conditions, can take advantage of its climate. Australians’ hours of sunshine can help to reduce our impact on the planet and improve the quality of life of its population by using this type of energy source. So we just need to take action now.

Can Solar Power a House?

The energy from solar panels can undoubtedly provide the electricity you need to power your home. The number of solar panels you need will depend on your home’s size and the space on your roof to install the solar panels.

A Solar specialist can easily help you measure how many panels you would need for your house and supply a solar system that will cover your power needs.

Some of the elements that you have to take into account when calculating how many solar panels you need for your home are:

  • Estimate the energy consumption of your home
  • The area you have available to put solar panels on your roof
  • The orientation of your roof, to estimate how many hours of sunshine you can have.

What is true without a doubt is that thanks to the energy provided by solar panels, you can save a lot on your electricity bill.

You can also estimate how many solar panels you need for your home based on your household consumption:

  • Up to 2000 kWh you would need between 2 and 4 panels
  • Consumption of 2000 – 5000 kWh between 4 and 7 solar panels
  • More than 5000 kWh you would need more than 7 solar panels.

This is a general approach, and you can check our solar calculator to have a better estimate of how much solar can help you save. If are ready to go one step further and request more specific data for your situation, do not hesitate to contact us; we can answer all your questions about solar.

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Earn Money by Selling Energy Back to the Grid

Optimise Your Solar Investment

When your solar panels generate more electricity than you need, you can sell the surplus energy you produce to the Queensland electricity network. This will reduce your payback time and increase your Return on Investment (ROI).

If you're unsure where to start, feel free to reach out to us for assistance in finding the best company to sell your surplus energy. We're here to help you make the most of your solar investment.

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