Surge Protection for Commercial Properties

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Why All Commercial Buildings Need Surge Protection: Understanding the Risks and Solutions

Are you aware of the risks that surge and power outages can pose to your commercial building? Whether it’s a hospital, office space, or retail store, every business is vulnerable to these electrical disturbances.

As the world increasingly relies on technology, the risks associated with power surges become greater. A power surge is a sudden and brief increase in voltage that can damage electrical equipment. They can be caused by lightning strikes, downed power lines, faulty wiring, or even overloads from heavy machinery.

Surge protection is vital for any commercial building as it can minimise the risk of damage to expensive electrical equipment. There are a variety of surge protectors available on the market, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs

Power fluctuations can damage expensive equipment, disrupt operations, and even put employees at risk. But fear not! In this post, we’ll explore why all commercial buildings need surge protection and what solutions are available to safeguard your investments against electrical hazards. Keep reading for some valuable insights!

What is Surge Protection?

When a power surge occurs, it can cause extensive damage to electrical equipment and appliances. A surge protector helps to prevent this damage by dissipating the excess energy from the surge, thus protecting your equipment.

Most commercial buildings are equipped with some form of surge protection, but the level of protection may need to be improved. For example, a building with only basic surge protection may only have devices that protect against low-voltage surges. However, high-voltage surges (such as those caused by lightning strikes) can easily overwhelm these devices and cause major damage.

It is important to understand the risks associated with power surges and to have adequate surge protection in place. For example, a qualified electrician can assess your building’s needs and recommend the best solutions for you.

Types of Surge Protection

There are two main types of surge protection: external and internal. External surge protectors are typically installed at the service entrance to a building, while internal surge protectors are installed at individual outlets or devices. 

External surge protection is the first line of defence against power surges. These devices are connected to the utility company’s power lines before they enter your building. They work by diverting surplus electricity away from your building during a power surge. 

Internal surge protection is installed inside your building at individual outlets or devices. These devices work by absorbing the excess electricity during a power surge and then safely releasing it into the ground. 

Both types of surge protection are important in protecting your commercial building from damaging power surges.

Types of Surge Protection Devices

There are three main types of surge protection devices (SPDs): 

  1. External SPDs – these are installed outside the building, typically on the main switchboard or meter box, and protect against surges outside the building, such as those caused by lightning strikes.
  2.  Internal SPDs – these are installed inside the building, typically near electrical equipment sensitive to surges, and protect against surges that come from inside the building, such as those caused by faulty electrical equipment. 
  3. Combined SPDs these combine external and internal SPDs in one unit, protecting against external and internal surges. 

When Should a Commercial Building Install Surge Protection?

A commercial building should install surge protection if it is located in an area with a high risk for thunderstorms or other severe weather conditions. Surge protection can help prevent damage to the building’s electrical system and equipment.

Benefits of Installing Surge Protection in Commercial Buildings

Surge protection is a vital component of any commercial building’s electrical system. By installing surge protection, businesses can protect their electrical systems, equipment and daily operations from surges. Here are some of the benefits of installing surge protection in commercial buildings:

Preemptive Protection:

Installing surge protection in a commercial building is a preemptive measure that will help prevent costly damages caused by power surges. By proactively installing surge protectors, businesses can save money on repair costs and minimise downtime due to power surges.

Improved Safety:

If left unchecked, power surges can lead to dangerous electric shocks or fires. Surge protection helps ensure the safety of employees by protecting them from these dangers and keeping them safe from electrical hazards in the workplace. 

Lower Insurance Costs:

By installing surge protection, businesses can lower their insurance premiums by taking proactive steps to protect their property from damage caused by power surges. 

Uninterrupted Business Operations:

Power surges can disrupt and damage electronic devices such as computers and servers, resulting in downtime for businesses. By installing surge protection, businesses can avoid such disruptions and ensure that their operations continue without interruption.

Peace of Mind:

Installing surge protection gives business owners peace of mind knowing that their property is protected from the dangers of power surges.

Considerations when Choosing a Surge Protector

When choosing a surge protector for your commercial building, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the type of devices and equipment you will plug into the surge protector. This will determine the level of protection you need.
  2. Think about the size of the surge protector. You want to ensure it can handle the number of devices you have and the required wattage.
  3. Consider the price. Look for a quality surge protector that fits your budget.

What is the Australian standard for surge protection?

In Australia, the standard for surge protection is AS/NZS 1768, which measures risk and determines the placement and type of surge protection required on a site. This Standard sets out requirements for the safe installation and operation of electrical equipment in homes and businesses. 


In conclusion, surge protection is essential for commercial buildings due to the increased risk of electrical surges, which can damage or destroy important equipment. Understanding the risks and solutions associated with surge protection can help business owners make informed decisions regarding protecting their investments. With proper planning and implementation, businesses can protect their hardware from costly power outages caused by sudden electrical surges.

Contact Tenmen Electrical for your commercial surge protection needs.

Tenmen Electrical are commercial electricians who have been protecting Sunshine Coast businesses from the damaging effects of electrical surges for over 10 years. We offer a comprehensive range of surge protection solutions for your business’s needs.

We can provide you with the right advice and products to protect your business from power surges, whether they are caused by lightning, faulty equipment or the grid.

If you want to learn more about our commercial services, please get in touch with us today. We will happily discuss your specific needs and provide a free quote.

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