Why cheap solar panels may cost you more than you think

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Why You Shouldn't Buy Cheap Solar Power Systems & Panels

When you decide to buy a solar system, you’re most likely doing it because you think it’ll be a good investment. So are you sure you want to go with cheap solar panels because it seems like a good deal? What exactly does the “cheap” price tag reveal about these panels?

The cheapest choice of many products can often imply lower quality, inferior materials, and many more problems in the future. This is particularly true for products as delicate as solar panels and other solar system components.

Continue reading to understand why cheap solar energy may cost you more money than you think.

Most Common Solar System & Panel Quality Problems

Even though choosing high-quality solar panels will increase the price of your installation, it will also increase your profitability due to its warranties and efficiency. Purchasing high-quality solar panels prevent unexpected costs and ensure consistent output for a more extended period.

On the other hand, when selecting low-quality panels, you may have to deal with a few issues and face some consequences. For example, the most common problems related to low-end solar panels are:

– Hot spots: the so-called “hot spots” are common enemies of solar panels. These points influence specific parts of the solar panel, causing them to reach high temperatures, which causes a direct negative impact on efficiency and power generation, and a significant rise in the degradation of the solar panel. Hot spots are also unstable, and they will intensify until all of the solar panel’s efficiency is lost, meaning that you will have to renew your system before you had planned. They occur due to low-quality materials and poor manufacturing processes used in solar panel production. 

– Defective welds: the welds on solar panels may be poorly made due to a lack of tin or due to higher temperatures required during the manufacturing process. Defective welds can cause hot spots, which at this point, you are already familiar with and know how bad they are for your solar system.  

– Cell delamination: poor lamination process during the manufacturing of solar panels can cause delamination of the cells integrated into the solar panel. It is a fairly common failure in some medium/low-quality photovoltaic panels. Quality is sacrificed when trying to shorten the time required to create this laminate, making the solar panels inefficient.

– Destruction of the Tedlar: because of the poor quality of many manufacturers, degradation and deterioration of the Tedlar (the back of the solar panel) is standard and can lead to the appearance of hot spots or even make the panel obsolete straight away.

– EVA yellowing: this is another very common case in cheap panels. The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) utilised in these cases is of very low quality, and it degrades with time, resulting in a significant loss of efficiency and, consequently, lower energy production.

Beware Of Hidden Solar Panel & System Costs: Things To Keep In Mind

You must know that your investment in a solar system will be repaid by reducing your electricity bill. In addition, with bi-directional meters, you can return unused energy and “resell” it to the grid. All benefits! That is why looking for the cheapest device on the market is pointless if it will not provide you with the performance and advantages that make the investment worthwhile.

Remember that by installing solar, you are also increasing the value of your property by making it more efficient and appealing when selling or renting.

Cheap Solar Panels can be dangerous

Cheap solar panels will cause more trouble in the long term, and you might end up having to invest even more money to repair or replace them.

Also, it is imperative to be aware that if you decide not to fix or replace faulty panels to save money, they can threaten your house and your family’s safety, as they can cause catastrophic breakdowns and even fires.

Trust Tenmen Electrical For The Best Solar Panels & Systems on the Sunshine Coast

Solar panels are not exactly one of the purchases to consider for savings. However, it may be more interesting to conduct a thorough search, investigate the most significant brands on the market, and look for the best value for money.

Many manufacturers in the industry produce high-quality solar panels; all you have to do is seek the one that best fits your solar project and your budget. 

We always distrust those cheap solar panels that claim to be quality products since the vast majority are not. And for that reason, in TENMEN, we only work with leading brands to provide our customers with the best quality products and outcomes.

Visit our blog for in-depth analyses of the best solar panel models on the market, the greatest options, the best sales, the best quality, and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime; we will be happy to assist you.


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